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"I am a Mum of 2 teenagers and a previous Franchise owner. I worked long hours for little reward. I was overweight, highly stressed and was not enjoying life. WOW how things have changed. I am now living a life I could have only dreamed of and actually loving my life. I have the flexibility to run my business around my family and I am truly grateful that I took a chance, backed myself and made a change. I've turned my yearly income into my monthly income & I couldn't be happier. "

Lee Anne Haggard 

"After 24 years of long hours running my own training/consulting business - approaching my 60's - I wanted time for myself, while still generating a very healthy income. With this business, I've been able to exceed my previous income, while only doing a 30 hour week, and the programs have given me new energy and inspiration!"

Mark Klaasen

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Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible!' - 

Audrey Hepburn

Enjoy working to your own schedule with a flexible and portable lifestyle. 

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Paulette Steele

Hi there! I’m Paulette and I want to tell you how I came to be here and that may make sense as to why you’re here now.

LIFE IS A JOURNEY: Earlier in my career, by the time I was 30, I had risen to an executive level with a national company. However, I realized that I didn’t want to rise any further there, as I would end up stuck behind a desk with endless meetings and reports to write. So, I took myself on a different path in a different city and found my niche again. That led me to new paths and more career and life experiences.

Along the way, I’ve made some good and bad decisions but hey that’s life and it’s all a learning experience. There’s no point in looking back as you can’t change what’s in the past. You simply learn and move on….

It was so much fun with us girls dressing up in saris for an evening function when we met up overseas. Having the flexibility to travel while you work is fabulous.

Ready to set off driving a Ferrari California around the streets in Abu Dhabi. I'm car crazy so this was an experience to remember! The joy of having a flexible business that allows me to live life on my terms. 

Nothing better than catching up with my dear friends for a drink and lunch. It's a great lifestyle when you can do this during the week and still earn an income.

I love New Orleans and the wonderful music, food, architecture and culture there. The advantage of being able to work from anywhere I choose to be.

I found my paradise to live here in Australia and I’ve never looked back. I’ve been working from home for the last 7 years running my own business and working part time for a corporate company, also from home. The best of both worlds I thought. After 17 years, I’d grown tired of the industry I worked in with my own business. So, when the opportunity arose to work some additional hours for the corporate company, I thought it was fantastic. 

WHAT LED ME TO HERE: Well that company went into liquidation and so suddenly I found myself without work. What was I to do? I started to look around at various work options and a couple of interesting positions came up. Then, I had that light bulb moment!! You know the one? I realized I didn’t want to travel to work or answer to a manager anymore. I enjoy working to my own schedule from home, especially in a beautiful location, and also being able to travel and work remotely. 

One day, I saw something that really grabbed my attention and I decided to find out more. Similar possibly to what brought you here and why you’re reading this. It’s truly been the answer to my life. I’ve realized everything I’ve done in my working life has ultimately lead me to this.

Since I’ve begun, I’ve found my whole attitude has changed. Although I’ve always considered myself an optimistic person, within a short time, the personal development I’ve undertaken, has lifted my ideals and goals to totally new levels. Things I thought I could never hope to have or experience are now indeed attainable.

A BIG FUTURE AHEAD: Working smarter rather than harder is something I’ve always believed in and now I’ve found the perfect vehicle for me to totally achieve this. I’m happy to work, however not doing long, arduous hours for little money. As they say, if you enjoy what you’re doing, then it’s not work. Also, it gives me the extra time to commit to other projects within the community where I live. 

With the world changing as it’s doing, working remotely from home makes sense. However, it’s all about finding the right thing to do, which enables you to enjoy a rewarding and relaxed lifestyle well on into your latter years. How many people can afford to live as they would like to when they reach retirement age?

This may or may not be for you. It will require motivation and the desire to want something different in life. If you are genuinely looking for that ‘real work life balance’ with the emphasis on living your life, then fill your details in the form here and let’s have a brief ‘no obligations’ chat.

Paulette Steele

It takes dedication, determination & drive to create success in life and as a business owner.

If you are looking for a "quick" or an " easy" solution without having to do the work, then look elsewhere as this opportunity is not for you.

Everyone's results will differ dependent on their individual skills, talents and efforts.


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